Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another transformation from a ball of boucle' into a sensational creation!

Stress nowadays is unavoidable. But, as long as we know how to manage it, then it should be fine (^_^).

So,don't waste your time!Kick off your stress,take the phone off the hook...... and get knitting/crocheting! Just grab your hook, colorful yarns and start knitting/crocheting with beautiful melody.. it's a therapy moment.. stitches by stitches count replacing tasbih..seronok kan? It can be another way of ibadah though! Sambil menyelam,minum air.. kepuasan dapat, ketenangan pon dapat..heeeee (^_^)

What could be more tempting than a silky feel of yarn between my fingers, rhythmic click of needles in my hands, and the satisfaction of watching my beloved ball of boucle' transform into a sensational end result??

Here we go!Enjoy watching! (^_^)v

This cutie inspires me a lot..
Wrapover Cardigan- A very easy and sweet cardigan 
for a cute baby as it wraps over rounded tummy. 
This is a simple project that is suitable for beginners..^^
Crocheting has transformed in my mind into 
something that is more than just craft.. ^^
It suits u well nuraisha cyg!
funky baby booties-made with love by orezeo! (^_^)
special gift to my cinderella, with luv:maklang
my cinderella still drink milk! ^^
TRW mafla- special gift to the secondary school of mine aka
TRW hard fan, Amar Zaudi
Adorable toddler poncho- made using cluster
 techniques special to my cutie,nuraisha..

My price is special because I knitted/crocheted my thoughts and dreams into it.......dreaming that if one day, I have my own family.....(^_^)v

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